When I was nine, my grandparents bought me my first keyboard. Within a week I asked my parents if they would enroll me in piano lessons. It did not take long for me to be totally consumed with music.

The first time I played the video game Halo, I was immediately inspired by its soundtrack. The sounds were an immensely powerful part of the game. It created an atmosphere which really made the experience come to life.  That soundtrack changed everything – I was so inspired! I knew then that I wanted to write music that would bring others the same emotional connection I had experienced.


I am a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University in Denver, obtaining my degree in piano composition with honors and Pi Kappa Lambda from the National Music Honor Society. 

Throughout college, my passion for music consumed me. I performed in as many ensembles as my schedule would allow. Pushing my musical boundaries, I learned to play in the gamelan and sang in the men’s chamber choir.  Performances included string ensembles, brass bands, jazz bands, and various chamber groups. Here I discovered my mad passion for jazz and ran with it. Performing in jazz combos and big bands under the direction of those such as Ron MilesDon Byron, and Fred Hess.


Well before I earned my music degree, I began teaching piano and guitar lessons, performing music professionally, and wrote my first published score as a freelance composer. I’ve worked on a number of projects ranging from Hip-hop production, film scores, chamber music – both modern and classical, electronic synthpop, jazz arranging and orchestrating.  My hope is to provide the best service and creative input as I can. This would be in composing music, sound design, arranging, live gigging or teaching lessons.


  • Pi Kappa Lambda – National Music Honors Society
  • Graduated from MSU with Honors
  • Opus One Award – Top Composition Portfolio
  • ISAM Participation Award – International Music Competition

Thanks for joining me!

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