The key areas that we will cover in guitar lessons, regardless of age or skill include: creative exploration, technique, and repetoire. This is done through drills, scales, rhythm, and sight reading. 

It is important that students explore music as they are called to. Beginning students especially need to follow their internal dialog. Young students can get bored with lessons and repetative practicing. Allowing students to help choose the directions of their lessons is a strategy I use to help hold their interest and peak musical exploration.

One of the biggest advantages of learning the guitar it that has a quick learning curve. If you are eager to learn songs, the guitar is a great instrument to start on. Once you learn the right set of chords you can easily play along to most popular music.

Chords,TABs, and Traditional Reading

Chord charts are quick and easy to learn. This will go hand in hand with learning scales, and the music theory that brings everything together in a logical way.

TABs are specific to guitar, the six lines represent the six guitar strings. This can be a quick and easy way to learn songs, although the rhythm is not always provided which is why I tend to push students to learn traditional reading skills.

Traditional reading is something that most casual guitarists might not be as interested in, but it is worth its weight in gold if you decide to put forth the effort to understand and learn it! This skill opens up an entire world of repertoire and musical understanding, which helps combine theory, form and all aspects of musical convention.

Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

A lot of research has been done to prove that learning to play a musical instruments improves our intellect. Some of the benefits you will gain while learning to play the guitar are:

  • Builds brain power
  • Enhances creativity
  • Sharpens concentration
  • Allows self expression
  • Helps think outside the box
  • Develops self discipline
  • Improves self esteem
  • Hightens listening skills
  • Improves reading and math skills
  • Helps connect with emotions
  • Reduces Stess aka is a mental outlet

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